Chinese Medicine Techniques Are Alternatives for Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgical Treatments
Many of our customers, who suffer from extreme back pain and leg pain, are due to herniated discs. When disc herniation takes place in the lower area of the spine (lumbar spine), it is called Lumbar Disc Herniation.

What is herniated disc?

It occurs when one of the discs located between the vertebrae in the spine gets damaged. These discs act as shock absorbers and keep the vertebrae from rubbing painfully against each other. The discs become less elastic with age and more vulnerable to injury. As the discs become less elastic, they can rupture due to stress on the body. When a disc ruptures, a portion of the spinal disc pushes outside its normal boundary. This is called a herniated disc.

What cause the pain?

When a disc bulges out from between the vertebrae, it constricts the spinal nerves that are located very close to the disc. Therefore, the spinal nerves and spinal cord can become compressed causing pain, numbness, weakness and other symptoms. There is normally enough extra space around the spinal cord and spinal nerves, but if too much of the herniated disc is bulging, these structures may be compressed. Therefore, it is not the disc itself that is painful, but the pain caused by the disc compressing the nerve that causes you to feel pain.

From traditional Chinese medical perspective, what are the main causes?

Cold and damp pathogenic factors interfere meridian’s daily operation. The body is networked by a system of pathways (meridians) which function to transport qi and blood, to regulate yin and yang, to protect against external pathogens and to link the internal organs with the exterior. Blockage of meridians cause pain and is intimately connected with the illness.

Why Recommend Chinese Medicine Techniques Instead of Surgery?

In general, Lumbar Disc Herniation cannot be completely cured from either surgical or non-surgical treatments. Because its causes are from the gradual age-related wear and tear on the spine. A discectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove a portion of the herniated disc. A foraminotomy is a decompression surgery performed in order to increase the space of the foramen and hollow out the passageway where the nerve roots exit the spinal canal. A laminectomy is a surgery designed to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots through the widening of the spinal canal. Those surgeries can help patients to relieve the current pain instantaneously. However, they will not prevent the symptoms from happening again. This is the reason some patients have to do another surgery after a few years.

The combination of meridian massage, acupuncture and cupping therapy is a fast, effective and healthy way to treat and prevent the symptoms. Because:

• Acupuncture and gentle meridian massage can reduce some portion of the herniated disc to relieve the pain.
• The combination of meridian massage, acupuncture and cupping therapy can clear the blockage of meridians and remove the external pathogens (e.g. cold and damp). This not only further reduces the portion of the herniated disc, but also prevents it from blocking for causing a portion of the spinal disc to push outside its normal boundary.

Additional diet and exercises can achieve even better results.

Story with Christopher

What Happened

Christopher was suffering from lower back pain for over 40 years. In the past, he had 2 surgeries at well-known hospitals in Australia and continued to suffer more symptoms.

Analysis and Treatment

Additional to his medical history, I observed that he had consistent painful points on his spine. When he was moving forward, backward and sideways, the pain was intensifying. My diagnosis was that he also suffered from Lumbar Disc Herniation. After looking his tongue and checking different meridians, I confirmed static blood was blocking his Dayang meridian. His kidney pulse was weak due to his age. This also contributed to his lower back pain.

The focus is:
• Activating qi and blood in the sense of increasing its activity
• Regulating qi and blood in the sense of dispersing stagnation and guiding counterflow.
• Dredging the channels in the sense of removing external pathogens like cold and damp

I acupunctured firstly into his feet, lower legs, hands, arms, neck, forehead, top of head and jaw for clearing the main meridians. Then I moved to his painful points at lower back and combined with cupping therapy for extracting static blood.
I finished off with the acupuncture on his head for calming nerves and eliminating pain.


After 1 treatment, Christopher felt flexible and pain free.

Copyright and the author: Wayne and Jessie

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My Lovely Customer Story-No Need To Give Up Work For Extreme Fatigue

What Happened

My long time customer Margaret recommended me to her friend Catherine. Catherine suffered from chronic illness which robbed her of well being and quality of life. She gave up work as a result of extreme fatigue. She was exhausted all venues of medical care. She thought she had to put up and live with this for the rest of her life.

Analysis and Treatment

The pathogenic damp was blocking Cath’s stomach and spleen meridians for a long time. This caused her stomach bloating, no appetite and sleeplessness. In a vicious circle, they eventually turned into extreme fatigue. However, these haven’t further into the internal organs. As a result, the illness will not shown from western medical perspective. This is why GPs and specialists couldn’t find out the reason of her illness.

I cleared the pathogenic damp in her stomach meridian to stimulate spleen meridian, strengthen heart and lung function and enhance immunity.

1st Session: Acupuncture into some points like Shang Qiu, Qiu Xu, San Yin Jiao, Bai Hui and so on. Combining with deep tissue massage for clearing heart and lung meridians

2nd Session: Practice acupuncture and moxibustion on Zhao Hai, San Yin Jiao and Zu San Li, Bai Hui and so on.

3rd Session: Maintain and enhance based on 2nd session, balance Yin and Yang. In 1st and 3rd session, combine with cupping therapy for extracting blood stasis.


After 3 treatments, her fatigue was completely removed. She is now able to take up on things she love doing.

Daily Preventing Diseases Tips From Zhang Zhong Jing

Zhang Zhong Jing (150 A.D.-219A.D.) was one of the most eminent Chinese physicians during the later years of the Han dynasty. He made a great contribution to the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine through establishing medication principles and summarizing the medicinal experience until that time. He wrote the medical masterpiece “Treatise on Cold Pathogenic and Miscellaneous Diseases” and is regarded as the sage of Chinese Medicine.

If a person can pay attention to health-cultivation and timely detection of minor changes in the body, not to let the wind, cold, wet, dry, fire these pathogenic factors interfere with the normal operation of the meridian, or pathogen just infiltrated the meridian not deep into the internal organs. Or when body feel inactive, do exercises straightaway, adjust the breathing or have massage, acupuncture and plaster treatment. Do not let the nine orifices occluded. Do not violate the law, resulting in psychological stress. Do not have too much sex. Eat 3 meals on time. Do not eat food with too much coldness, hotness, bitterness and sourness. As a result, pathogenic factors won’t block meridians. Therefore it will not further into the internal organs and become illnesses.

Copyright and the author: Wayne 、Jessie、Jiang

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My Lovely Customer Story-Bleeding Of Bowels Gone

What Happened

My frequent customer Jessie anxiously called me and asked for help. As her step-dad Leon had lots of blood in the stool recently. They were concerned if he got bowel cancer. I asked the color of them, she answered bright red.

Analysis and Treatment

Bright red means fresh bleeding. Generally it is to do with hemorrhoids than bowel cancer. After I saw Leon and was sure about my prediction. Hemorrhoids are caused by such reasons as sitting for long periods of time on the toilet, having a heat diet from Chinese medical perspective and constipation. Leon’s pulse shows the large intestine damp-heat and blood stasis in the large intestine. Therefore, the radical cure is to acupuncture into some points like the small intestine channel, skylight and so on. I also combine with cupping therapy for the impact of dredging meridians, promoting the circulation of qi and blood, ridding of heat and dampness, clearing heat and cooling blood, diminishing swelling and eliminating pain.


After one session, the bleeding was stopped.
Please consult your doctor before use acupuncture.

Copyright and the author: Wayne and Jiang.Special thanks to Jessie

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No More Period Pain
If you constantly suffer from period pain (dysmenorrhea), acupuncture is a fast, effective and healthy way to treat it.

Do you have the following symptoms?

Lower abdominal pain will attack with the menstrual cycle again and again. If it is severe, some symptoms will occur such as the coldness of limbs, looking pale, cold sweat dripping, nausea and vomiting, even fainting.

From Chinese medicine point of view, what are the causes?

During the menstruation, catching a cold, having a cold drink or sitting in the wet place all will hurt human seven emotions or cause stagnancy of liver-qi, obstruction of Chong and Ren Channels, weakness of endowment, deficiency of energy and blood as well as some other diseases.

How can we help you with acupuncture?

Professor Puren He is known as “the best acupuncturist in the world”. He is a professor and chief physician of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, a member of Academic Committee of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Beijing Wushu Association, a visiting professor of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an Honorary President of Beijing Chinese medicine research and development association, a president of Beijing Acupuncture and Moxibustion Law Research Association, a deputy director of China International Acupuncture Examination Center, Honorary Dean of International Chinese Medicine Research Institute, Consultant of the Hong Kong Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association and the South American Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He recommended the following treatments.

Therapeutic Method: regulating the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction toit before menstruation, invigorating the circulation of blood during menstruation and reinforcing deficiency after menstruation.

Acupuncture Points: Guan Yuan, San Yinjiao, Zhong Feng.

Acupuncture Manipulation: Filiform needle acupuncture with moxibustion on Guan Yuan, retaining needles for 30 minutes.

A Typical Case
Miss Wang, 16 years old, has been suffering from menstrual pain for 3 years.
At the beginning of menstruation, she used to feel period pain and it was bearable. However, she caught a cold this time and the pain was unbearable. Her menstruation cycle usually is about 33 days. The volume of blood is still moderate with dark colour and some blood clots.

Observation diagnosis: the patient looked pale and leaned forward with hands pressing on her abdomen. She displayed a pale tongue with whitish fur.
Pulse diagnosis: the pulse string.
Diagnosis: dysmenorrhea.
Syndrome: stagnation of qi caused by the pathogenic cold
Acupuncture Manipulation: promoting the circulation of qi to dispel cold, promoting the circulation of blood to relieve pain and selecting acupuncture points by the same methods as above.

The pain was slightly relieved after 15 minutes acupuncture. When the needles were taken out, there was little pain. She received two consolidated treatments and a treatment 4 days before the next menstruation. Dysmenorrhea didn’t return. Please consult your doctor before use acupuncture.

Copyright and the author: Wayne and Jiang